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Sell Your Guitar

We are always looking to add new guitars to our selection, so please keep us in mind if you are considering selling any of your guitars, as we are always looking for clean, all original, and rare guitars. We have no problem paying the current market value for exceptional pieces. For better condition and more rare guitars, we will gladly pay much more than we would for guitars with issues or extensive wear.

The first step in selling your guitar would be to please send us an email ( or call us (618-201-5848) to see if we would be interested. Also, please include the price that you would like to sell the guitar for. If we are interested in the guitar(s), we will ask for pictures or for an over the phone/hands-on description if it's not convenient to send photos. If we agree on the price, we will ask that you safely package and send the guitar so that we can personally inspect it. After authenticating the guitar, we will gladly send the payment the same day that the item is received.

We thank you for considering us as we hope to continue proving ourselves as top buyers of clean and rare vintage guitars.

 -Olivia's Vintage