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1965 Baldwin/Burns one-off/prototype model 113302 Tri-Sonic +piezo pickup





1965 Baldwin model 113302. Most of the parts appear to be original. The pickguard is missing. It has a decent playing neck with some fret buzz on the high E and toward the end of the neck. The non-adjustable neck position pickup is a bit too high, so there are some dead frets at the very end of the neck on the A, D, and G string as the string makes contact with the pole pieces of the pickup. There is a very small hair line crack running out from the screw hole of the low E tuning key. The electronics are very interesting with a piezo pickup in the bridge. The neck pickup is nice and strong, but the piezo pickup has a very weak signal as it is missing its original "preamp" box that boosts the signal. There are nicks + dings, and other cosmetic wear. A '60's Guild hardshell case with a lot of wear is included.