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1965 short-scale SUPRO Pocket Bass Black non-piezo




 1965 Supro short-scale non-piezo Pocket Bass. It has a playable neck with great frets, but there is a hump in the neck causing fret buzz past the 6th fret and a couple dead frets past the 11th. The open E and A also have a slight amount of buzz. It's all original with the exception of the bottom edge of the pickguard, and is 100% complete along with its original chipboard case. The tuning keys are original double-line Kluson Deluxe. The pickguard has some cracking around the jack, so you have to be careful when plugging a cable in/out. There are minor nicks + dings, and other cosmetic wear including some marks in the finish from the bridge being left in the wrong position. In most of the photos below, the bridge is set too close to the neck and is seen in its proper location in the last 3 photos only. The guitar itself is structurally sound. All electronics work and sound great.